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Basically...with Stefanie Preissner
85: What’s the Story with Grieving, Liz?

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Show Notes

This episode focuses on grief and loss and may be triggering for some listeners.

This week, Stefanie speaks with Liz Gleeson, a psychotherapist and educator who specialises in grief and loss. Stefanie and Liz discuss misconceptions about grieving and the harmful societal expectations we have around bereavement. She offers suggestions for supporting someone who’s grieving, and describes when you might want to ask for help after you’ve experienced a loss.

Liz is on Instagram and Facebook @shapesofgrief and on Twitter @Shapesofgrief. You can listen to Liz’s podcast, Shapes of Grief, wherever you get your podcasts. For mental health professional seeking grief training head to https://www.shapesofgrief.com/

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