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Double Love

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Show Notes

It's our 100th episode! And what better way to celebrate than to head to Walkersville, Kansas, where the Wakefield twins are spending spring break with their great-aunt and uncle. Liz wants some R&R, while Jess wants to pick up some local hunks and dazzle the locals with her truly exceptional outfits. To the twins' shock the local girls, led by the terrifying Annie-Sue, give them the cold shoulder, but the Wakefields aren't lonely for long. Jessica bags herself a hot horse wrangler, who conveniently happens to have a twin brother whom Liz dates despite the fact that she has a boyfriend at home (#poorjeffrey). There's something in the water in Walkersville because everyone in this town is either a total drama queen (we're looking at you, Aunt Shirley) or an actual psychopath - which makes for a highly entertaining book! This show is part of the HeadStuff Podcast Network. For more, go to HeadStuffPodcasts.com, where you can also become a member of HeadStuff+ and get exclusive access to bonus material and lots more.