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Double Love

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Show Notes

We're back! And we're leaving Sweet Valley for the blue green waters of the Caribbean, as Lila invites Jessica to a resort called Club Paradise. Jess expects to be surrounded by hunks - but to her horror and rage she finds herself surrounded by bratty kids instead, because Lila has roped her into being a camp counsellor. Our fave frenemies are at war - and things heat up when they meet hilariously smooth and vain windsurfer Mick. Meanwhile back in Sweet Valley, Hank and Marie Patman are splitting up - and Bruce is convinced it's because of Alice Wakefield! Can Liz prove him wrong? We thought this book would be a comedown after the glorious Margo (RIP) era, but we loved it as much as Mick loves his glossy blond mane! This show is part of the HeadStuff Podcast Network. For more, go to HeadStuffPodcasts.com, where you can also become a member of HeadStuff+ and get exclusive access to bonus material and lots more.