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v2.1_bonus: Dr Caroline West, sex educator

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Show Notes

This bonus episode from For Tech’s Sake features our complete interview with Dr Caroline West a sex educator and host of the Glow West podcast. Caroline has a master’s in sexuality studies and a PhD in feminism and pornography, and is the sex and relationship expert for Bumble Ireland and the UK. In our main episode, we talked about modern dating, cyberpsychology and sex education. In this expanded discussion you can hear about her experience with sex in virtual reality, the kind of goodie bags you get at a sex festival, and diversity in porn (which includes zombie porn… yep, that exists).

If you’ve already heard what she had to say in our sex-tech episode, skip to just over 19 minutes in to pick up the conversation where we left off.

For obvious reasons, this isn’t an episode we would recommend for young, innocent ears, and we also discuss issues such as sexual violence online and offline.

Caroline has a website, IAmCarolineWest.com, and her own podcast, Glow West, where you can find more discussions on sex, sexuality, and the body, through a sexual wellness perspective.

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