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Show Notes

If you already listened to our episode on how small start-ups become Big Tech behemoths and how that scaling cycle continues today, you might like to hear more from our expert guest, David Singleton, the chief technology officer at Stripe – especially if you are an entrepreneur, aspiring or otherwise, or a team leader looking for advice and guidance.

Stripe is a fintech and payments company you have certainly interacted with if you have ever bought anything online, and this international tech business was founded by Ireland’s own John and Patrick Collison. David is also an Irishman and spent years on the engineering team at Google before he joined Stripe.

In this expanded discussion you can hear more about how Stripe helps small companies to scale and compete with much bigger entities, and what David thinks about the no-code revolution and the implications of generative AI writing code instead of engineers.

If you’ve already heard the main episode, you can skip to about 5 and a half minutes in for some fresh, unheard insights from David. And if things start sounding familiar again, skip on once more to about 23.55.

You can follow David himself over on Twitter, @dps, and you can find us @fortechssakepod on your platform of choice or let us know what you think via fortechssakepod@gmail.com.

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