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For Tech's Sake
v2.8_bonus: Dr Colman Noctor, child psychotherapist

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Show Notes

This bonus episode of For Tech’s Sake features our full, uncut interview with Dr Colman Noctor, child and adolescent psychotherapist, about kids and technology. It was a wide-ranging conversation that also touched on our own use of technology and the subject of regulation.

If you want to jump to the parts that weren’t already covered in the main episode, head to about 18.55, and then 31.17.

You can follow Colman on Twitter @colnoc77 and read more about him and his work at ColmanNoctor.com.

You can also find lots of advice, and the latest stats on children and tech in Ireland, at CyberSafeKids.ie.

And you can read more about Ireland’s Online Safety Commissioner here: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/business/niamh-hodnett-online-safety-commissioner-ireland

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