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Let's talk about Riley Keough! Let's talk about Fury Road! This week Stephen and Andrew freefall through the career of one of the 2010's best character actors: Riley Keough. Already familiar with fame as the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Keough took the road less travelled when it came to her own career. Beginning with The Runaways in 2010, the actress spent the first half of the 2010s appearing in indie fare like Magic Mike and Dixieland, before hitting the big time in George Miller's oil and chrome odyssey Mad Max: Fury Road. From there, Keough stuck with independent cinema and became a frequent collaborator of Steven Soderbergh's in the TV series The Girlfriend Experience and crime-comedy Logan Lucky. In the last few years, Keough has pursued darker roles, especially in It Comes At Night, The House That Jack Built, The Lodge, The Devil All the Time and Zola.

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