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S3 Ep5: It's A Wrap

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Show Notes

Wrapped foods are the femme fatales of the culinary world in that they exude an irresistible allure. 

From maki and jambon to agnolotti and bisteeya, Blanca, Dee, and Mei discuss these most enticing edibles. We converse about the myriad of wraps out there – rice paper, masa, yuba, banana leaves, warqua, and seaweed. 

Wrapped foods are easy to eat, but often laborious to make. They’ve been called “gateway” foods to international cuisines; someone might be cautious about Chinese or Mexican, but give them a dumpling or taco, and they will gobble it!

Did the Chinese dumpling come from Turkey? Have wrapped sandwiches and burritos done one star turn too many? Plus co-host Blanca confesses an abiding passion for the American country fair staple, the corndog!
Let’s just say that we have our wraps covered.
Correction: Mei said that Kashing does not have chang-fun with crispy bean curd. It is now on the menu.

Mentioned in this episode: Cranky Yankee Corn Dogs Sabenero Cheese (for taqueños) PIcado Mexican Pantry  L. Mulligan Grocer (Scotch egg) Al-sham Bakery in Cork Kashing Restaurant Gursha Restaurant Follow the Camino (Empanada Gallega) Las Muns (Empanadas) Wrap & Roll (Wrap restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam)
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