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S3 Ep7: Poland: Beyond Pierogi & Pickles

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In this episode, we are joined by Bart Pawlukojc, the chef/owner of Arán artisan bakery and bistro in Kilkenny, and Kamila Bystrzonowska, the chef/owner of award-winning MOMO restaurant in Waterford.
On the table: What was it like to live and eat in Poland under communist rule? Why are there so few Polish restaurants in Ireland? What is the Polish personality and how does it affect the cuisine? Are there similarities between Ireland and Poland –in identity, and their attitudes towards food?
There are 123,000 Polish living in Ireland right now; bringing with them history, literature, language, music, and a cuisine that is rich with pickles, wild mushrooms, smoked meats, consommé, and honey.
From bartering pigs, foraging sorrel, to grandparent beekeepers, Bart and Kamila offer a tasty glimpse into a country whose inhabitants are so influential in Ireland today.


Mentioned in this episode:
MOMO Restaurant, Waterford
Arán Artisan Bakery & Bistro, Kilkenny
Gorące Gary u Barbary Kuchary, Moore Street Shopping Mall, D1
Cork & Fork, Comix Café, Kinsale Road, Cork
Traditional Polish Bakery
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