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S3 Ep9: Eat Your Words: Food Magazines

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Show Notes

It’s a trip down memory lane! As children, Blanca, Dee, and Mei inhaled the glossy pages of food magazines and the promises of far-flung worlds from the recipes and the stories that they contained. As a result, the three of us have written, fact-checked, test-kitchened, and been editors for magazines throughout our adult lives. Magazines are dear to us.
In this episode, we talk about long-form food journalism, gourmand elitism, and pretty food-styled pictures. We discuss how in Ireland, food publishing gave voice to female writers, some of whom were salty. We chat about test kitchens, about the future of food magazines and whether a tradition of “tested recipes” is financially viable on the publishing market today.
Gourmet, The Gourmand, Olive, Australian Women’s Weekly – we name-drop them all. Plus we sneak in a reference to our old host Julia Langbein, and the social media account ‘70s Dinner Party’ that has brought Dee and Mei much joy and laughter.
We mentioned too many publications to list here, but should you have a question, please contact us at hello@spicebags.ie.

In this episode: For food magazines: Ireland local libraries libby app
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